July 2015

Boys Volleyball – 2nd in the State!

Congratulations to Coach Justin Johnson, his staff and the Boys’ Volleyball team for their 2nd place finish at State!!

Petty Complaints!!!

Recently we have been inundated with petty complaints or disputes among neighbors.

Let’s all follow the rules, and be more tolerant and respect your neighbors.

Please, work out minor differences together.

Community Yard Sales Day

The 3rd Saturday in July (July 18th this year) is “Community Yard Sales Day”.

Yard sales can be held from Friday evening to Sunday evening – no permit required on that week-end.

NO yard sales may be set up on Borough Property without prior permission.

            -Saegertown Library: sponsors an annual Book and Garage sale during the Yard SalesDay.

                Hot dogs will once again be for sale at the Library!      Garage sale donations will be accepted on theThursday before the sales. Clean books may be accepted – check at the Library for details.

                -St. Bernadette’s: will have tables for rent on yard sales day. Food will be available there also.

                Contact 763-6026 for information or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.          

Bonded Roads – Weight Limits:

All the streets on Saeger Heights have a ten (10) ton weight limit on them. Before you hire any contractor, make sure they are not using heavy vehicles, or they need to be bonded and get a permit at the Borough Office.

This includes: driveways, paving, cement work, heavy deliveries, excavation.

Paving Project – Euclid Ave.

The entire length of Euclid Ave. will be paved sometime this summer. Watch for signs or notices on Facebook, the Borough website or the Meadville Tribune for notices when the construction will take place. There will be NO Parking along Euclid Ave. for the period during construction.


The Borough has finally completed a new Sidewalk Ordinance. Sidewalks will be required on Main Street and the South side of Erie Street. All other areas will need to: Remove, repair or replace their sidewalks by Sept.1, 2016. More details will be provided in next month’s newsletter.

Report Suspicious Activities:

Please report any suspicious activities to the Penna. State Police (332-6911 or 911).

Also keep the Borough Office notified if you have concerns, or of any problems.

Refurbishing the Monument Corner:

If you see renovations taking place at the “Monument Corner” at the Town Square

in the next few months, the Borough (with the recommendation of the “Enhancement Team”)

is removing old and dead plantings and replacing them with new ones. We are also taking steps to enhance the existing monuments on that corner.

Landlord Notice…Rental Unit – CO alarms:

New State law requires all rental units to have Carbon Monoxide Alarms installed in them.

McGill House and the Heritage Museum:

The Heritage Museum on Broad Street across from the Library is open every Saturday from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm.

The museum features displays and special exhibits on various aspects from the Saegertown Area.

The McGill House on Main Street, next to the Dairy Isle, has guided tours on the FIRST Saturday of each month at 11:00 am. Both the museum and the McGill house are free to the public!!

Lost and Found

You may turn in any items you find around town to the Borough Office.

If you lose anything…also check with the office.

We have several “found” items at the office now.

                                                TV Dishes

                                                                TV dishes are permitted in the Borough,

                                                                …However…there are regulations on the location of the dishes.

                                                                Check with the Borough Office before you have one installed.

SAFETY Tip of the Month – Hot Weather

            Here are some tips for Hot Weather – particularly long heat waves.

  1. Stay well hydrated – drink water – avoid coffee, tea or alcohol
  2. Eat appropriately – eat regular well-balanced LIGHT meals
  3. Stay in Cool Places – stay indoors or in shade where the temperature is cooler
  4. Keep Cool – use air conditioning or fans or visit a place with air conditioning – or take a cool shower
  5. Dress appropriately – wear loose fitting, light weight and light colored clothing
  6. Don’t over exert – avoid strenuous work, pace yourself, or save the chore for cooler times of the day.
  7. Check on Neighbors – particularly senior citizens that live alone – make sure they are Okay
  8. Never leave Children or pets in parked cars!
  9. Watch for early symptoms of heat related illness – heat cramps or muscle spasms
  10. Be aware of the signs for Heat Exhaustion
  1. Cool, clammy, sweaty, fatigue, dizziness, light-headed
  2. Call 911 if symptoms continue, or the patient gets worse.
  3. Hot, dry, red skin, confusion, nausea, headaches, thirsty, and possible hyperventilation;
  4. Get person in a cool area
  5. Give small amounts of cool water
  6. Cool the body – use cool, not cold water – a cool shower is perfect.
  7. Give a sponge bath – particularly cool the neck, groin, under arms etc.
  1. Give victims of heat exhaustion cool water, move them to a cooler place, and remove excess clothing.
  1. Be aware of the signs of Heat Stroke – this is a dangerous condition!
  1. Heat stroke is when the body temperature becomes too high
  1. Call 911Heat Strokes are a true emergency!!

Pay attention to weather reports

Be prepared for a Heat Emergency if it arises!