September 2014

Borough Office will be Closed

                The Borough Office will be closed for vacation September 11-12 and 15.

                                                Water Emergency – 720-1802

Girl’s Soft ball – 3rd in the World!!

                Congratulations to the Senior Girls Softball Team for finishing 3rd at the World Series.

4 of the Girls were from the Saegertown Area, and Becca Siple and Maile Chang live in the Borough.

.                                                               Great Job Girls!!

Borough Trees – Nails – Signs etc.

                The trees between streets and sidewalks in the Borough on the West side of the railroad tracks are regulated by Borough Ordinance. Do NOT place nails or screws in them – they damage the trees. Signs or ribbons must be placed on the trees so as NOT to damage them!

Pick-up Temporary Signs, Ribbons and Balloons when Done

                This is only common sense and courtesy. If you put them up, take them down!

Sidewalk Comments – Give us your Opinion

                Last month Council asked for written comments on the new sidewalk policy. Don’t complain after the policy is adopted if you do NOT comment. See last month’s newsletter for the details. Newsletters are also posted on the web site each month.

Parking on Sidewalks

                Parking on sidewalks, particularly on Main Street is illegal. Most of the Main St. sidewalks were replaced with Grant Funds, and must NOT be parked on.

Damaging Sidewalks

                These good sidewalks on Main Street must not be damaged. Be careful loading or unloading or during construction. Check with Borough Office if you must go over them for access. You will be held liable for any damage to them!

Garbage out by 8:00

                Garbage must be placed at the curb no later than 8:00 am on the scheduled pick-up day.

The refuse carrier does NOT have to pick any garbage that is not out by the contracted time.

Reminder…Lost & Found

                A variety of items are turned in every month that people have found.

Check with the Borough office is you lost something.

French Creek Christian Campus

                “Harvest Hoedown & Crock-Pot Cook-off” Sat. Oct. 18 from 11-2. Call School for Details (763-3282)

School is Back in Session– Watch for Kids and School Busses

                Summer Vacation is over! School is back in session. Watch kids walking to school or to the bus stop.

                Remember: It is not only illegal, but very dangerous to pass a school bus that has the warning lights on.

Thanks to McDonough and Custard –

                We would like to thank Ken Custard for watering the flowers at the Gazebo again this year,

and we would like to thank Joe McDonough for planting and watering the flowers at Jordan Park.

Neighbors in Need:

                The Twelve Apostles Church members will be working on homes and yards throughout our community on September 20th helping your neighbors in need. Call the church if you would like to help, or need some assistance.

Leaves…New Policy Clarification:

                This year you have the option of one or more of the following:

  1. mulch your leaves
  2. compost your leaves
  3. bag your leaves
  4. rake to edge of your grass on the days designated to do so


                *At scheduled dates and times, leaves will be vacuumed up.

                                (Schedule announced on Facebook or twitter And in future newsletters)

                                (You may call the office after Oct. 1st to find the schedule)

                *At NO Time may leaves be raked onto the berms or streets!            

                *Leaves shall NOT be burned at any time! (Including in fire rings or burn barrels)

                *Leaves that are bagged must be in clear bags only- such as those presently provided by the Borough

                *If leaves are wet, they must be bagged.

                *On scheduled vacuum pick-up days:

                                -All pick-up days are tentative – based on emergencies or weather conditions

                *Leaves must be raked to the edge of your property (in neat rows) as follows:

                                -Leaves can NOT be raked onto the berm (they MUST be on grass)

                                                (Between sidewalk and street is perfect)

                                -Wet leaves will NOT be picked up (or they must be bagged)

                                -The Borough will only pick up leaves on the scheduled days (noted on Facebook or Twitter)          

                                -The Borough will NOT be responsible for raked leaves NOT being picked up prior to being rained on.                            

                *Bagged leaves will NOT be picked up from Dec. 1st until the following April 1st.

                                -They may NOT be placed out at the curb during that period of time.

Safety Tip: Natural Gas & Propane

                Gas leaks are one of the most serious emergencies you can have in a residence.

                -If you have a Natural Gas Leak:

                                Shut off the gas if possible

                                Eliminate sources of ignition:

                                                -Do NOT turn on or off light switches

                                                -Do NOT use the door bell

                                                -Do NOT turn on heaters

                                                -Do NOT run hot water (this might turn on the hot water heater)

                                                -remember static electricity can be a source of ignition

                                Caution: Natural Gas is lighter than air and will rise

                                                -Open the highest windows in the house to air it out

                                                -It only takes a mixture of 5% natural gas and air to be able to burn or explode

                                Natural gas and Propane can displace the air you breathe…this can cause suffocation

                -If you have a Propane leak:

                                Shut off the tank if possible

                                Eliminate the same sources of ignition as with Natural Gas

                                Caution: Propane is Heavier than air and will go to the lowest areas of a residence

                                                -open basement windows to air it out

                                                -It only takes about 2% propane in air to be able to burn or explode

                In ANY gas leak:

                        If in doubt call 9-1-1

                        Get out of the house

                        Wait for Emergency Crews to Arrive