October 2014

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Sidewalk Comments – Give us your Opinion

                Last month Council asked for written comments on a new sidewalk policy. Don’t complain after the policy is adopted if you do NOT comment. See last month’s newsletter for the details. Newsletters are also posted on the web site each month.

Final written comments on sidewalks are due at the Borough Office no later than Friday October 10th.

Abandoned Vehicles:

                Any vehicle that is NOT registered, and has NOT been inspected shall NOT be parked in the Borough unless it is in a garage or building. Vehicles such as: lawnmowers, ATV’s, Boats, tractors etc. must also be operational or stored indoors.

Parking by Fire Hydrants:

                State Law and Borough Ordinance requires all vehicles to be parked no further than 15 feet from any fire hydrant. Other objects, including vehicles must also be no closer than 3 feet from the back side of any hydrant.

Curfew – Midnight to 6:00 am:

                Any juvenile under 18 years old must abide by the curfew ordinance. Curfew is from 12:00 midnight until 6:00 am.

Parents will be fined. Make sure you know where your kids are at night.

Call Before You Dig: Pa One Call: It’s a State Law!!!

                Any digging including fences and electric dog fences must contact PaOneCall prior to any digging.

It is state law. Dial 811 to make sure no gas, electric, water or sewer lines are in the vicinity of where you want to dig. If you do not call you will be liable for any damages that occur if you hit one of the lines!

Trick-or-Treat Thursday Oct. 30th:

                Trick-or-Treat will be from 6:00 pm until 7:30 pm

                Turn on your porch light if you wish to participate.

                Must be 13 years old or younger to participate. – We suggest parents accompany children.

Water bills due by the 20th of the Month:

                Any water payment we receive after the 20th of the month is subject to late fees and penalties. Too many residents are waiting until the end of the month to make payment, and will be penalized in the future.

Get out to Vote…November 4, 2014:

                Exercise your right as an American….Vote!

Stop on Red:

                Recently it has been brought to our attention that many people are turning right at the red light

without stopping first. This is the same as running a red light, and it confuses other drivers coming out

of the side streets. It is illegal and you can be fined!

Roundabout in Waterford:

                One of the new roundabouts in Waterford is now in service. It is on the South end of town at the intersection of Rt. 19               and 97. Take a trip up and try it out, as we will have two of them in town in a couple of years.

                Tips to drive in a roundabout:

                                -Yield to anyone in the roundabout

                                -Always continue counterclockwise to your exit point.

                                -Do NOT hesitate to enter the roundabout. If you do not have to yield…enter and proceed.

Winter Parking Regulations start November 1st!!!

                All streets have regulation signs posted. We will cover this more in depth next month.

                Call the office if you have any questions.

Fire Prevention Week – Change Smoke Detector Batteries!!

                October 5-11 is Fire Prevention Week. Make sure you change the batteries in your smoke detectors.

Turn Back Clocks… Nov. 2nd:

                Time for Clocks to “Fall Back”. Turn all clocks back one hour at 2:00 am on Sunday November 2nd.

Lock Your Doors:

                Make sure you lock your house and car doors. We have not had many incidents in town; the surrounding area has seen several incidents including home invasions. Remember: if you see anything suspicious call the State Police 332-6911.

Also let the Borough office know of any problems.

Leaves…New Policy Clarification:

                This year you have the option of one or more of the following:

  1. Mulch your leaves
  2. Compost your leaves
  3. Bag your leaves
  4. Rake to edge of your grass on the days designated to do so           

                *At scheduled dates and times, leaves will be vacuumed up.

                                (Schedule announced on Facebook or twitter And in future newsletters)

                *At NO Time may leaves be raked onto the berms or streets!          

                *Leaves shall NOT be burned at any time! (Including in fire rings or burn barrels)

                *Leaves that are bagged must be in clear bags only- such as those presently provided by the Borough

                                (Leaf bags will be provided again this year)

                *If leaves are wet, they must be bagged.

                *On scheduled vacuum pick-up days:

                                -All pick-up days are tentative – based on emergencies or weather conditions

                *Leaves must be raked to the edge of your property (in neat rows) as follows:

                                -Leaves can NOT be raked onto the berm (they MUST be on grass)

                                                (Between sidewalk and street is perfect)

                                -Wet leaves will NOT be picked up (or they must be bagged)

                                -The Borough will only pick up leaves on the scheduled days (noted on Facebook or Twitter)          

                                -The Borough will NOT be responsible for raked leaves NOT being picked up prior to being rained on.                         

                *Bagged leaves will NOT be picked up from Dec. 1st until the following April 1st.

                                -They may NOT be placed out at the curb during that period of time.

Safety Tip:

            Lyme Disease and Deer Ticks……………

Lyme disease is transmitted by the bite of an infected tick.

This year ticks seem to be more prevalent than other years.

Early symptoms are:

                Fever, headache and fatigue.

In most cases early treatment with antibiotics will eliminate symptoms.

Lack of treatment may lead to more serious problems

                And can be difficult to treat.


                -In areas known to inhabit ticks:

                                Wear a hat - Wear long sleeves - Wear light colored clothing - Tuck pants into your socks

                                Check pets before allowing them indoors

                                Check yourself to make sure there are NO ticks on you!

How to remove a tick…

                -Remove them as soon as possible (if removed in less than 24 hours, you usually will not get infected)

                -Use tweezers to remove them…do it SLOWLY…be careful not to pull off the head.