April 2014

Walk-A-Thon Saturday May 10th – Benefit the Library

                Support the Library – enter the 5K run and walk-a-thon. Pre-register by April 15th. Win prizes – support a good cause – and stay healthy!! Call the Library for details: 814-763-5203.

Panther Press Awards

                Congratulations to Saegertown High School “Panther Press” Advisor Stacey Hetrick

and her Student Staff for winning several awards including two first places, to be awarded at the

Pennsylvania Newspaper Association Student Press Awards Luncheon.

They were the only winners from this part of the State!

Cash Bash Tickets on Sale Now

                Tickets for the Saegertown Volunteer Fire Department Annual Fund Raiser in June are now available. Pick your tickets up any Wednesday evening or Sunday morning at the Fire Station on Erie Street. Or purchase one at most area businesses! Get your chance to win $25,000 in prizes.

French Creek School - Easter Egg Roll

                The French Creek Valley Christian Campus on North Street is sponsoring an Easter Egg Roll on April 12th beginning at 11:00 am. There will also be games, prizes and a silent auction. Call 763-3282 for more information.

Jordan Park Pavilions

                The pavilions at Jordan Park can be reserved starting April 1st.

       Here are the rules:

                -$50 refundable deposit (for damage or clean-up)

                -May be reserved for only one day at a time:

                -Bathroom keys available on request

                -Dates can be reserved on a first come basis

       Borough Residents:

                -No charge for use

                -Must still pay the refundable $50 deposit

       Non-Borough Residents:

                -$50 charge per day

                -$50 refundable deposit

Water Lines – Who is Responsible Where?

                The Borough provides water to the curb box that is located near the street. The property owner is responsible from the curb box to the residence. It is also the responsibly of all property owners to notify the Borough when water is leaking anywhere in the system, up to the water meter.            

Frozen Water Lines

            The extreme winter this year caused havoc with many water systems. This summer prepare for the worst again next year. Insulate water lines in your house to prevent freezing. If you have outside water lines freeze consider having the lines replaced deeper, and with less joints or elbows. These problems are Your responsibility…not the borough’s.

Careful with Disposal Items (such as yogurt containers)

                Make sure to secure all garbage bags so animals cannot get into your trash. Take a little extra time to cut plastic containers so animals will not get stuck in them. Cut the rings of pop can and bottle holders, and cut the sides of yogurt containers that are tapered smaller at the top. Be responsible…protect wildlife.

Twitter: @saegertownPA …..for notifications

                When the Borough flushes fire hydrants we try to put a notice in the Meadville Tribune and post it on twitter, and on the home page of our web site. Follow us to get timely notifications. When there are water leaks in need of repair we try to notify residents in the area ahead of time, but we also post the notices on twitter and the web.

Flushing Fire Hydrants:

                We flush fire hydrants in April and September of each year. Watch for the notices.

After flushing hydrants, residents may experience some discoloration of their water.

Just let the water run until it clears up.

Disaster Tip of the Month:

Spring means Severe Weather and Tornado Time

                Tornados can happen very quickly and move rapidly! Fortunately the weather service is very accurate in predicting severe weather. Any time there is a Thunderstorm or a Tornado watch or warning, pay close attention


                Remember the warning siren (3 one minute blasts with one minute between blasts)

                -Watch Weather reports:

                -Go indoors

                -Take shelter on lowest floor or in the center of the building

                -If outside, lie flat in a ditch and cover your head.

                -Do NOT try to outrun a tornado

                -If you are in a vehicle…leave it…and get to the nearest shelter

                Folklore: You do NOT need to open a door or window to equalize pressure during a tornado!

Watch Weather Reports and Be Prepared!!!