August 2014

Leaves…New Policy for Disposal:

                *Due to no longer having a place to dump leaves, the Borough will begin mulching and composting...

                *New rules MUST be strictly followed for the Borough to dispose of your leaves!

                *At scheduled dates and times, leaves will be vacuumed up.

                                (Schedule announced on Facebook or twitter and in future newsletters)

                *At NO Time may leaves be raked onto the berms or streets!

                *Property owners MUST dispose of leaves, by mulching, raking, bagging or composting.

                *Leaves may be mulched or composted.

                *Leaves shall NOT be burned at any time!

                *Leaves may be bagged (in clear bags only- provided by the borough)

                *If leaves are wet, they must be bagged.

                *On scheduled vacuum pick-up days:

                *Leaves may be raked to the edge of your property (in neat rows) as follows:

                                -Leaves can NOT be raked onto the berm (they MUST be on grass)

                                -Leaves can NOT be wet (or they must be bagged)

                                -The Borough will only pick up leaves on the scheduled days (noted on Facebook or Twitter or newsletter)   

                                -The Borough will NOT be responsible for raked leaves NOT being picked up prior to being rained on.

Sidewalks – Input Needed

                Borough Council is considering a new sidewalk ordinance, and they are requesting property owners input. Options being considered are: (1) requiring owners to repair or replace all sidewalks; (2) requiring owners to remove all sidewalks except on Main and Erie Streets; (3) requiring sidewalks on Main and Erie Streets, and giving all others the choice to repair or remove sidewalks. All options will require ADA accessibility at street corners or alleys. Please express any comments in writing to the Borough Office. Comments must include name and address.

Did You Know ??

     How often are the water wells checked?

                All seven wells are checked daily, including the chlorine level at each one. This is done 365 days of the year…including all weekends and holidays.

     How much water does the Borough pump every day?

                For the last several years we pump an average of 1,100,000 gallons per day. (One-million one-hundred thousand gallons) That amounts to almost 400 million gallons pumped per year!

     When is the last time the Borough Raised Property Taxes?

                In 2007 the Borough actually LOWERED the property taxes from 7mil to 4 mills. The last time property taxes were      below the present 4 mil was in 1985…29 years ago!! Taxes were raised in 1994 to 7 mil. Not many communities can claim such financial stability!!

     How much time do Borough employees spend mowing and trimming?

                Last year we spent 441 man-hours mowing and trimming (this is equal to one

                full time employee for 11 full weeks) This year we are almost up to

                300 hours by end of July!

     How much time do Borough Employees spend picking up and hauling away BRUSH?

                We have spent over 100 man hours this year alone picking up brush!!

                Residents can help us by just placing brush and trimmings out only once a month.

     How much time does Borough employees spend plowing and snow removal?

                This past winter we spent 241 hours on snow removal. (Equal to 6 full work weeks!)

     Who is responsible for the maintenance on Main Street (Rt. 19), Erie Street and South Street (Rt. 198)?

                PennDOT is responsible for the maintenance and snow removal on these 3 streets.

2014 Jordan Family Foundation Projects (in-progress or completed):

     New Gateway Sign:

                The Jordan Family Foundation funded the project to place a Gateway sign along French Creek, andfinish landscaping   the creek bank area. This has been completed and welcomes visitors and guests to Saegertown. The background provides a great photo op if you are looking for one!


                Planting of new trees around town, sprucing up the town square and landscaping the remodeled Borough building were all recently completed as a “Beautification Project”. Once again this great project was funded by the Jordan   Family Foundation.

     Jordan Park Bathrooms:

                By August 1st. the bathrooms at Jordan Park should be completely remodeled. This project includes: new ADAcompliant tile floors, self-flush toilets and urinals, ADA sinks, new plastic toilet compartment dividers, new doors, and new energy efficient LED lighting. The temporary inconvenience during construction will provide years of  maintenance free use. Another example of a great Jordan Family Foundation Project.

     Parking at the Heritage Building:

                The removal of old pavement at the Heritage Building on Broad Street, to be replaced by blacktop and graded to the nearest catch basin, will allow visitors to the museum a “mud puddle free” entrance to the building. This Jordan Project will improve parking for the Library too!

     New Lawn Mower:

                Due to the increased maintenance the enhancement projects have generated, the Foundation purchased a new  commercial lawn mower to help maintain all the improved areas, and expedite the mowing process.

     Electronic Re-cycle:

                The electronic re-cycle project the last few years was funded by the Foundation, and has made it possible for Borough Residents and businesses to properly dispose of old TV’s, computers, copiers and other electronics.  

Reservoir Grant

                Crawford County awarded the Borough a $30,000 grant to replace the roof on the old reservoir and top coat the new reservoir. The top coat has been completed, and we are waiting for DEP approval to replace the old reservoir roof.

What do you do with Household Chemicals or Paint?

                Our refuse carrier can NOT dispose of household chemicals or paint at the landfill. Residents are responsible for the   proper disposal. Contact ECS&R (on Rt. 19 near Pittsburgh Glass Works) at 814-425-7773. They will dispose of  these items for a small fee.


                Like us on Facebook. Keep up with news and alerts (such as water leaks or when we will be picking up leaves)


                All vehicles (including boats, lawn mowers, etc.) must be in working order, must be registered if required by Penna. law, and must have a CURRENT inspection. If not, they must be stored in a garage or removed from the Borough.


Safety tip: Electrical Emergencies

                -Have electrical work done by a qualified electrician

                -Only plug one heat producing appliance into a receptacle at a time (coffee pot, toaster etc.)

                -Use (GFCI’s) ground fault circuit interrupters in the kitchen, bathrooms, garages, basement and outdoors.

                -Check GFCI’s one a month to make sure they are working

                -Only use extension cords on a temporary basis.

                -If you must use an extension cord:

                                -Do NOT run them across doorways

                                -Do NOT put them under rugs

                                -Make sure the extension cord is a heavy enough gage of wire for the job you are doing

                                -Remember extension cords should only be used temporarily

                -Make sure light bulbs match the recommended wattage on a lamp or fixture.

                -Contact an electrician if the following occurs:

                                -fuses are blowing or circuit breakers are tripping

                                -If you get shocked when touching an appliance

                                -You have flickering or dimming lights

                                -You get sparks from an outlet

                                -You have discolored or warm wall outlets.