July 2016

Moving Water Lines – Temporary Inconvenience:

On the week of July 18th we will be moving water lines for the South roundabout near the H&H Plaza.

Customers in the area will experience temporary loss of water, or cloudy water at times.

The area affected will be from Mill Street south, including Grant and Main Streets.

Be prepared for multiple water outages. It will be recommended that the customers affected boil any water used for cooking or drinking, until the Borough has the results of a bacteria test. You will receive a letter explaining more in detail if you will be affected. Please be patient while this construction takes place.

What do you do when a Traffic light is OUT?

When a traffic light is out it becomes a 4-way stop. Take turns after stopping. Notify the Borough if our traffic light is out during normal working hours, or please notify 9-1-1 and Penelec if it is out during the evening or on a weekend.

Lead in your Water Pipes?

Lead in water systems (such as Flint Michigan) is a concern to anyone drinking from public water systems. Our water system has been tested regularly; however it is possible to be exposed to lead from your own water piping. We are preparing a plan to evaluate the number of possible private contamination sites in the Borough.

If you have either of the following please contact the Borough office:

                -Copper water pipes with lead solder installed before 1983

                -Lead water pipes

Proud of our Service Members:

Three former Borough Residents have excelled while serving in the U.S. Army.

Vince Myers: The former Borough resident, fireman and EMT was recently promoted to Lt. Colonel. (His Dad is still our Mayor)

Sean and Tiffany Brown: Tiffany is a Captain and Sean recently was certified to fly Blackhawk helicopters. Sean is a former Borough Council member, fireman and EMT. The Brown’s still own property in the Borough.

We want to congratulate and thank all three of them for their service and wish them a safe and successful tour of duty.

SHS Class of 1966 – 50 Years

Borough residents are asked to watch for members from Saegertown High School’s Class of 1966 strolling around town on Saturday, August 6th. Following a classic cafeteria lunch, i.e. steamship franks, pizza burgers, over-cooked peas, cherry cobbler and milk cartons at the Twelve Apostles Lutheran Church, they will be visiting old haunts to reminisce and reflect as part of their 50-year reunion celebration.

Swimming Pools:

Here’s a review of regulations for swimming pools:

                -Anything over 2 feet deep needs a building permit

                -They must be clean and sanitary

                -They must be kept chlorinated to eliminate mosquitos

                -They must be in good repair

                -If they have more than 24 inches of water they must have a fence or barrier at least 4 feet high.

                -Gates and doors must be self-closing and self-latching

                -Ladders must be removed when not in use.

Thank You Sam Harrison and the Jordan Family Foundation:

The Jordan Family Foundation has purchased flowers for the Town Square and Jordan Park

Sam Harrison has planted them, and he keeps the flowers looking good.

As the seasons change new ones are purchased and planted.

We want to thank them both for keeping Saegertown Beautiful!!

Thanks Matt Dangel - Mulch on Creek Bank:

We would like to thank Borough resident Matt Dangel and Keystone TreeCycling, Inc.

for donating the mulch around the Saegertown sign on the creek bank on the south end of town.

Tame Rabbits – Running Loose…

Some areas of the Borough have been overrun with “tame” rabbits that were released in the Borough and have multiplied. If you see any please notify the Borough office. They have been digging in gardens and mulch and have been destroying shrubbery and have become a nuisance.

Roundabout Update:

                South End: The project let date was June 23. Construction should start soon.

                North end: The let date was moved back until September 15th.

                                Expect a very busy construction this fall and through 2017.

Take a trip – drive in a Roundabout:

                Take a short trip up Rt. 19 to Waterford and drive in the new roundabout.

                It is very close to the same size as the two in Saegertown will be.

                Remember:             Yield to drivers in the roundabout

                                                Use your turn signal

                It is that simple!!!

                        Community Yard Sale Days:

                                The annual Community Yard Sales Day is always the 3rd Saturday in July.

                                This year it is on Saturday the 16th.

                                No permit is required (including one day to set up and one day to break down)

                               Commercial items are not permitted.

                                No sales on Borough property without prior permission.


It has been well reported that mosquitos carry many diseases. A couple of years ago one was trapped in the Borough that carried the West Nile virus, and recently the Zika virus is spreading to the United States, Yellow fever is even making a comeback in Africa.                           Please eliminate any area that mosquitos may bread in:

                                -unchlorinated swimming pools

                                -old tires

                                -Tarps that hold water

                                -Bird baths, buckets or barrels that hold stagnant water.

                                -Long lasting mud puddles   

SAFETY Tip of the Month:

Check out the following web site to help you prepare for any emergency.


At the bottom of the page under “Be informed” there is information on:

                -Fires                                          -Floods                                -Terrorism

                -Winter Storms                         -Dam Failures                     -Influenza Pandemic

                -Earthquakes & Landfills        -Tornadoes                         -Thunderstorms                   

                -Hazardous Materials             -Tropical Storms-Nuclear Facility Accidents 

Under “Be Prepared” there is useful information on:

                -Disaster preparedness

                -Disaster Kits

                -Pets and livestock during disasters

                -Children during disasters

                -Many other informational issues

Take time to look at this page so you and your family can Be Prepared!!


Quote of the Month:

“If you tell the truth, you do not have to remember anything.”

                                                                                                -Mark Twain