February 2016

Members of Borough Council:

Members of Borough Council for 2016 and 2017 are:

Mayor: Dave Myers

President: Lenny Stites                                          Vice President: Bob Gilbert

Council: Dr. Doug Smith                                      Council: Ted Szalewicz

Council: Marc Kirchner                                           Council: Rich Wunderley

Council: George Szalewicz


Water Billing – Watch for your Monthly Bill:

                -The Borough mails water bills by the 5th of each month.

                -If you do NOT receive one by the 10th of the month, check with the Post Office or call the Borough office.

                -Payments are due by the 20th of each month.

                -When a customer is issued a Shut off notice - the bill must be paid in full - no partial payments are accepted.

Water Payments:

                Make sure to mail your payments to: (PO Box 558)

                                or drop the payment in the drop-off box at the Borough Building.

                                (NO CASH in the payment box – do so at your own risk!)

                Do NOT mail your payment to the Sewer Authority.

                Do NOT mail Sewer Authority payments to the Borough.

Rental Units - Carbon Monoxide Alarms:

State law now mandates that CO alarms be installed in certain rental units.

                They are required as follows:

                   -In buildings with more than one rental unit, owner must install one in each unit, AND

                   -If fossil fuel is the heat source (i.e. natural gas, propane, oil or burning a fireplace.)

                   -Tenants must maintain them.

                Information on detectors:

                   -They may be plug-in or battery operated.

                   -They should be centrally located near bedrooms.

                   -They should NOT be installed within 15 feet of the heat source.

                   -Detectors must meet standards of (American National Standard) and carry their seal.

                   -They may be combined with a smoke detector as a single unit.

                   -They should be placed at approximately knee level (plugged into a receptacle is a good place.)

                   -They should be replaced every 5-7 years.

Help for Sidewalks on Main and Erie Streets:

                Penn DOT has agreed to pay 80% of the cost to replace all the sidewalks on Main St.

                                This will bring them into compliance with the ADA regulations.

                Borough Council has agreed to provide the same assistance to residents on Erie Street that will be required to install                                  new sidewalks. These will also be installed to ADA regulations.

                Property owners in both these areas will only be responsible for 20% of the cost of the new sidewalks.

                Watch future newsletters for more information on this project.

Clear Snow from Hydrants:

                Make sure fire hydrants are clear from snow if you live next to one.

                Delays in hooking to a hydrant make the difference in saving a life or minimizing damage from a fire!!

                Reminder: NO Parking within 15 feet in either direction of a hydrant.

Parking near Driveways:

                It is illegal (in addition to being disrespectful) to park within 10 feet of any driveway.



Water Testing:

                The EPA and PA DEP require very stringent testing of our water. Problems that recently occurred in Flint Michigan       should not ever happen here. Our water comes from groundwater sources, not surface water and our testing should          indicate any potential problems.

                We do ongoing tests of the following:

                     Chlorine: tested daily: this prevents bacteria in the drinking water

                     Coliform: tested twice each month: Makes sure there is no bacteria in the water

                The following are tested regularly, depending if trace amounts have previously been detected:

                     VOC: tests for items like gasoline, toluene or benzene in the water

                     SOC: tests for synthetics like pesticides, herbicides or PCB in the water.

                     IOC: tests for inorganics such as arsenic in the water

                     Nitrates/Nitrites: high levels are caused by fertilizers or animal waste.

                     Halo acetic Acids and Trihalomethanes: makes sure added chlorine is not causing a problem.

                     Lead and Copper: requires Borough to test 10 random sites every 3 years.

                     RADS and Uranium: make sure they are not present in the system.

                Results of these tests are included in the yearly CCR report you receive each year.

                     The CCR reports are also available on our website.

911 Addresses – Must be on the Building:

                                                ALL Buildings must have the correct 911 address posted on them.

                                                The numbers must be at least 3” high and must be visible from the street.

Walking in the Dark:

                Now that daylight is shorter, please wear reflective material when walking or jogging in the dark or in low light hours.

Plowing on Saeger-Heights – Help the Plow Drivers

                -Plowing snow on Saeger-Heights (Bell, Parkview, Lynnhaven, Ross, Valleyview and Windvale)

                -It is difficult for the plow drivers. They must back out of each street several times.

                -If you see them backing up stay where they can see you in the driver’s side mirror. (left side)

                -Also do not park on the street or near the end of a driveway.

                -All parking must be at least 30 feet from the center of the road!

Jordan Family Foundation Grants:

                Jordan Family Foundation grant requests are due at the end of March and September of each year.

                Applications are on the Borough’s website. Call the Borough office if you have any questions.

Keep an Eye out for Crime:

            -If you see anything suspicious contact the PSP

                                332-6911 (or 9-1-1)

                -Keep the Borough Office informed of problems.


SAFETY Tip of the Month:

Shoveling Snow – Heart Health

                Tips from the American Heart Association on the hazards of shoveling snow:

                Take Breaks:           Take frequent brakes while shoveling snow.

                Watch Eating:         Don’t eat a large meal prior to, or right after shoveling snow

                Use a small shovel:                Lifting heavy snow can cause the blood pressure to rise.

                Push Snow:             If possible push the snow rather than shovel it

                No alcohol:              Causes you to underestimate the cold and puts an extra strain on your body

                Learn the signs of Heart attack:

                                *Chest pain or discomfort

                                *Discomfort in upper body (neck and/or arms)

                                *Shortness of breath

                                *Sweating, nausea or lightheaded.

                If you suspect a heart attack – call 911 immediately

                                *Take an aspirin if one is handy


Quote of the Month:

“The two hardest things to handle in life are failure and success.”