March 2015

CATA Bus Trips (Meadville to Saegertown) – Survey:

                The Crawford Area Transportation Authority (CATA) is considering providing bus transportation to and from Meadville several times a day. Shortly, you will be receiving a survey that will help determine the need for such a service. Please fill it out completely and return it, per the instructions with the survey.

Senior citizens can ride for free!!!

Re-Cycling Electronics:

                Borough residents may now take old electronics to the Borough Building on any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm, to discard the used items. They will be recycled, thanks to funding   from the Jordan Family Foundation.

Enhancement Committee:

                The Borough has an “Enhancement Committee” that recommends projects to Borough Council that will enhance and beautify Saegertown. If you are interested in helping, please contact the Borough Office.           

Round-a-Bout Update:

                The South Roundabout (near H&H Plaza) has a scheduled project let date of March 17, 2016.

                The North Roundabout (near the Dairy Isle) has a scheduled project let date of June 16, 2016.

                Start planning for major construction in town next year - in 2016!!!

                Traffic congestion may be painful during the construction, but the results will benefit Saegertown for years to come!

Center of Round-a-bouts???

                Have an idea on how to enhance the center of the new roundabouts?

                Give your suggestion to the Borough Office.

                Remember that any improvements cannot restrict line of sight.

Thanks for Shoveling Hydrants:

                The Borough would like to thank Joe, Marc, Rob and the others who have faithfully kept fire hydrantscleared of snow near their residences. If you live near a fire hydrant please keep it cleared from snow.

            Unfortunately Winter is not over yet!

Water Leaks:

                If you see water bubbling up from the ground as the weather thaws, (if it ever does!!!!) please notify the Borough Office immediately. We have already experienced 2 water line breaks, and expect more due to this winter’s extreme weather. Frozen service lines, or water line breaks in a residence are the responsibility of the property owner. There should be a shut-off valve installed before your water meter. Frozen water meters are the responsibility of the property owner, and customers will be billed for any replacements.

What constitutes a Rental Unit?

                Some residents have tried to circumvent the rules of the landlord rental ordinance.

               The following are some guidelines that determine if a unit is a rental.

               If your residence meets any of the below criteria, your unit is a rental,

                           and you may be fined if the unit is not registered as such:

  1. If someone other than the owner (or an immediate family member) lives there,

It is a rental unit.

  1. If someone stays in the unit more than 3 days per week or more than 2 weeks per month,

It is considered a rental unit.

  1. If a room is rented to anyone other than an immediate family member,

It is a rental unit.

  1. If there are separate sleeping and kitchen quarters. It is a rental unit.
  2. If it meets any of the above criteria, even if no rent is charged, it is a rental unit.

Tenants must also register at the Borough Office

Salting Streets (during extremely low temperatures):

                We have had some questions as to why we were not salting streets during the recent -25° degrees below zero temperature spell. The minimum practical application range for salt is a pavement temperature of 15-20° F and above. While salt will melt snow and ice down to a pavement temperature of -6° F. it can melt over five times as much ice at 30° F as at 20° F. The effectiveness of salt is sensitive to small differences in pavement temp.

                We have used far more salt than in previous years, however on some extremely cold mornings; we have waited to spread salt until the temperature has warmed up, so it will be effective, and not be plowed away and wasted.

Catch Basins – Watch for Spring Flooding: Help Keep Grates cleaned off…

                When the snow begins to melt, please help keep any catch basins open to allow the melt to be carried away. If you notice any localized flooded, due to a frozen catch basin, and you cannot clean it off, please notify the Borough Office.

Snow Parking Ordinance: - Snow or Not

                Please remember that the snow parking ordinance is to help the Borough keep the streets clear of snow. Plowing has been extremely difficult this year, and the ordinance will be enforced strictly until the snow is gone. Much of the plowed snow has now turned to solid ice, and it is very difficult to keep pushed back. Please park responsibly to help us keep the streets open.

SAFETY Tip of the Month:

9 volt Batteries:

                Be careful when storing 9 volt batteries in a drawer or box. Make sure they are stored in the package they come in, or cover the tops of the batteries with tape so they will not short out.

            Below is a link to a short video that is really great in explaining what can happen and how to prevent a fire situation caused by 9 volt batteries: