June 2016

CCR Report (Annual Water Quality Report)

                The annual water quality report that is required by the Pa. DEP is now posted on the Borough website.

                Go to Saegertownpa.com: click on “services” then click on “water dept.”

                www.saegertownpa.com/ccr  is the direct link to the report.

                Customers can also request a hard copy of the report from the Borough Office at no charge.

Trimming…Not just Mowing:

                The ordinance requires all grass and weeds to mowed and trimmed to no longer than 6 inches high.

Round-a-Bout Update:

                Due to issues with the DEP, the let date for the south roundabout has been moved back to June 23. Construction should still start this summer. Preliminary work on the north roundabout has been progressing and most properties have been purchased, and will be demolished. We will provide updates when we have them.

Prepare for Construction – Thru 2017:

                Although the constructions on both roundabouts (north end and south end) have had several delays…they are going to happen. You should prepare for lots of construction all through 2017. There will be temporary delays and inconvenience.

Just remember…the end result will be worth it, and really improve Saegertown.

High Pressure Valve / Thermal Expansion Tank:

Occasionally air gets trapped in water lines and causes a spike in pressure.

This may cause temporary problems, such as a water leak or blowing hot water tanks.

You can take precautions for this by installing a pressure valve in the water line,

and/or adding a thermal expansion tank to relieve some of the excess pressure.

Water Leaks:

We occasionally have water lines break and leak. After the repairs you may experience some cloudy or muddy water.

Just run a spigot until the water clears. This is usually caused by sediment breaking loose from water lines after the repair.

Garbage Pick-up Holiday Schedule:

                Independence Day:

                                NO garbage pick-up on the 4th of July. Pick-up will be Tuesday July 5th.

                Labor Day:

                                NO garbage pick-up on Labor Day (September 5th) Pick-up will be Tuesday September 6th.

Brush Reminder:



The Borough makes every effort to pick up your brush in a timely manner. Be patient.

Brush needs to be in neat piles, no longer than 5 feet long. We will not take entire trees.

If you have a tree removed, make arrangements to have the tree and brush disposed of.

Burning and Burn Permits

Any outdoor burning requires a FREE burn permit. Apply at the office.

Remember to respect your neighbors when you burn!

Garage Sales

You are permitted to have 2 yard sales per year, in addition to the community yard sales.

The FREE permit is available at the Borough office.

School is Out – Kids on Bikes

Shortly school will be on summer recess – There will be lots of kids around town riding bikes and playing.

Please drive carefully and be ALERT!

Upcoming Event?…Let us post it in the Monthly Newsletter:

                Notices of Community Functions – sponsored by Non-profits, or community organizations may be included in future    newsletters if it is not political in nature or does not endorse controversial social issues. The Borough reserves the right to reject or edit all requests. Contact the Borough Office with any requests.

Town Square -

                The monument corner at the Town Square has been newly landscaped. There is new shrubbery, a new lighted flag pole has been installed, and new mulch has been placed by the women from CCI – Cambridge. Seasonal flowers have also been added! Thanks to the Jordan Family Foundation for funding part of this new project.

What to do with Paint or old Chemicals?

ECS&R on Rt. 19 in Greenwood Township will take old paint and chemicals, and many other items that you can no longer place out with your trash. They will take paint, liquids, old chemicals and aerosol cans for $1.30 per pound. (You must leave the cans.)

Don’t Forget the CASH BASH June 4th-

                Annual CASH BASH at Fire Station on Erie Street - Saturday June 4th. Doors open at 11:00

                Tickets available at the door – includes meal and refreshments.

                Come, support the Fire Department and win some money or maybe a gun!!!

                $25,000 in prizes to be given away. Grand prize $5,000.


SAFETY Tip of the Month:

Water Safety – Summer is here!

            -Only swim in designated areas supervised by lifeguards

                -Ensure that everyone in your family learns to swim

                -Never swim alone

                -Never leave a young child unattended near water (including swimming pools!)

                -Make sure young children or inexperienced swimmers wear a life jacket

                -If you go boating wear a life jacket!

                -Install and use barriers around pools and hot tubs

                -Above ground pools – remove access ladders when not in use

                -Keep toys out of pools when not in use – they attract kids!

                -Always supervise kids when in the water

                -Avoid alcohol use. Alcohol impairs judgement and affects swimming skills.

                -Always be cautious around natural bodies of water (rivers, lakes and shorelines)

                                -They have cold temperatures

                                -They have currents

                                -There may be underwater hazards

            For more information contact the American Red Cross:



Quote of the Month:

“Some people don’t have much to say. But you have to listen a long time to find it out.”