July 2014

Putting Paint or Oil in Garbage – illegal !!

            Recently we have had a run on residents “hiding” paint and used oil in

their garbage bags. This is a violation of the Solid Waste Ordinance. Our refuse

contractors are now checking bags for violators. Fines will be issued for any

future violation. Landfills will not accept these items.

            ECS&R will dispose of many items like paint, oil, and household chemicals

for a fee. (Phone 814-425-7773 for information or pricing)

Community Yard Sales – 3rd Saturday in July

                Annual Community Yard Sale Day is Saturday July 19th. NO Permit is needed. Household sales only!

            -St. Bernadette’s:

                Tables and chairs available for rent during yard sales days. Call 763-6026 for more information.


                Annual Book and garage sale at the Library…. Also, Barry’s famous Hot Dogs!

                -French Creek Christian Campus:

                Tables or space available for rent during yard sales Day. Call 763-3282 for more information.

                -Traffic – Parking – and Fire Hydrants:

                Traffic and Parking are confusing and almost chaos during yard sales day.

                -Be considerate and patient with traffic

                -Do NOT park in resident’s yard

                -Do NOT block driveways or streets

                -Do NOT block Fire Hydrants             

New Councilman – Jerry Hunter

                Jerry Hunter was recently appointed to the vacant Borough Council position. He has lived in Saegertown for 41 years, and is probably best known for his involvement in the Boy Scout Program. Welcome aboard Jerry!

Re-Cycle Day

                Old electronic items can be recycled at the Borough building on Saturday August 2nd from 8:00 am to 11:00 am. This project is funded by the Jordan Family Foundation and is FREE to Borough residents. Must have proof of residency, such as a recent utility bill.        TV’s, computers, copiers etc. will be accepted.

Harrisons - Thanks

                Everyone in Town deserves to give a Big Thanks to Sam and Brooke Harrison for the landscape and maintenance work they have done around town. The Town Square, Borough Building and the new “SaegertownSign” are examples of their work. Thank You!

Grass by Road

                Property owners are responsible for mowing and trimming grass clear to the street. This includes trimming poles and sign posts. Grass and weeds over 6 Inches can be fined!

Handicap Parking – Save the spaces for the Handicap!

                Many people abuse the use of handicap permits, particularly the ones

                that hang on the mirror. Do NOT use someone else’s permit.

                Save the spaces for those people that truly need it.

Leaves…….Something different!!

                Plan ahead for disposal of leaves this fall. The rules will be different. Remember…Mulching your leaves            will help minimize disposal. The Borough no longer has a place to dump leaves. Watch future            newsletters for more information.

Nuclear Emergencies

                We could be faced with a nuclear emergency sometime in our lives..

                Examples are:

                -A meltdown at a nuclear power plant (the Perry, Ohio plant is only 100 miles away)

                -An accidental transportation release

                -A terrorist “dirty” bomb

                -A nuclear attack

                What should you do?

                -Time, Distance, Shielding are all preventive measures from over exposure

                -Listen for instructions on local media or listen to the NOAA weather radio.


                -Sit tight (after 2 weeks – the exposure will lose most of the punch!)


                -Stay away from the incident if possible - for as long as possible


                -Go to the basement or lowest level of your residence.

                -Close doors and windows

                -Avoid floors with flat roofs

Food to stalk up on and have on hand:

                -juice in boxes or packets

                -evaporated milk

                -energy bars, trail mix etc., candy bars

                -Dry cereals and salt free crackers

                -long lasting items like peanut butter, jelly or honey

                -bottled water

Foods to Avoid:

                -Salty foods (require drinking more water)

                -Freeze dried foods (require water)

                -Dried rice or pasta (require water)

Replace outdated food:

                -High acid foods like tomatoes, grapefruit and pineapple only last about 12-18 months.

                -Properly canned meat and vegetables will last about 2-5 years.

Just in Case……Be prepared!